Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Note: Though the procedure is common, this specific article is for owners of Team Enigma Apartments, Vinayak Nagar, Bangalore.

Prerequisite Documents Needed:
1. Khata Certificate, Extract Copy
2. Tax Return Receipt
3. Sale Deed Copy (All pages)
4. Recent Electricity Bill (They will take a duplicate and return this)
5. Indemnity Bond*
6. Agreement*
7. Form I - can be obtained from the concerned officer, Mrs. Lalitha – This for can be downloaded from KEB Transfer Form 1
Note: Please print both the pages back to back on a single A4 paper
8. No Objection Letter signed by the builder (Form IV)
9. Transfer Fees Receipt (Explained below)

* Both Indemnity Bond, Agreement & a file can be obtained from ‘Ali Electricals’ on the small gully adjacent to Vivek Nagar EB Office. One set per metre is required. One set will cost Rs. 265 (125+135+5)
To check availability please contact, Mr. Ali, M: +91 97318 88736

NOTE: Only the list of documents listed above is required. No other document, including Encumbrance Certificate etc. is required.


1. Please get all the above documents ready.
2. Form I, Indemnity Bond and Agreement has to be signed by both/all the owner (if there are more than one owner).
3. Get a chit from Mrs. Lalitha, the concerned officer @ Vivek Nagar EB office for the Transfer Fees (Rs.100) and pay it in the counter in the ground floor and get the receipt.
3. Submit all documents including the above receipt to Mrs. Lalitha. Follow her instructions. She will do everything that is required for getting this done.
4. Vivek Nagar EB office is closed on second Saturdays (the next one is on Mar 19th, 2011). Their lunch time is between 1:30 PM and 3 PM everyday.
5. Contact of Mrs. Lalitha is M: +91 99864 10643.
The indicative cost is around Rs. 1300 (inclusive of 'all' charges)#
# This cost might differ for other EB office