Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mysore Trip - Set 3 - Lalit Mahal Palace

The Lalit Mahal Palace, is very close Chamundi Hills (which we could not visit during this trip). We were told my its manager, that it was built in 1921 by Krishna Raja Wadiyar (1884 - 1940), the then Maharaja of Mysore, excusively for the stay of then Viceroy of India.

Below are few of the photo taken by me in the palace.

A view of the chandelier 

This carpet was stitched by our freedom fighters in the jail and was used in one of the halls. After independence, as a respect to all those freedom fighters, this carpet has been hung on the wall outside the main bedroom, which is now like the presidential suite.

A beautiful night that suite....

Dressing table in that room

A teak wood cupboard in that room

Bath tub with shower setup used by the Viceroy

Myself and Rakesh in the teak + silk sofa in the main suite...
The Master Bed

The paneled lift with sofa..... wow!!!! what a feel it was to go in it......This lift was imported from Otis England and is still maintained by the Hotel in working condition.

The identity plate inside the lift..

This is the main stairway made of Italian Marble

Ashok John & I with Raghuraman Sir (2nd from left; next to me)