Saturday, April 10, 2010

My New Suzuki GS150R

After much of deliberation, research, discussions... I have booked my first bike, the New Suzuki GS150R - It did drive me crazy!!!!!

It is stylish of the lot and highly composite for a normal public. Its design is muscular, instantly attractive and it has a good built. I almost fell in love with it at the first sight itself !!!!!

The wolf-eyed headlight, the muscular fuel tank, its unique 6 gear transmission (with 1st down and rest 5 up shift pattern), the new digital speedo meter with gear indicator, the butter smooth ride are the catching features of this bike.

Fell in love for the second time when I took it for a test drive......

I chose the Pearl Nebular Black.

More on this, with actual photos and details after I take delivery of the bike today. Stay Tuned!!!!!