Sunday, April 11, 2010

Took Delivery of my bike!!!!

I took delivery of my bike today!!! I couldn't take my eyes of her. Took it for a test ride before actually taking delivery, to ensure brake etc. was OK. Everything was just perfect and the ride was butter smooth.

Took it to the nearby Ganesha temple in the evening and did pooja. (The gurukal said "yagnyopavitham mandram" also in-between..... don't understand why??? ) He probably would have thought I wouldn't be knowing even ABC of madiram (from my looks!!!) or it is actually part of the rituals to vehicles in Karnataka.

Anyways!!! completed all rituals and took my wife for a big ride around Bangalore. Had dinner outside and came back!!!

I will write the dinner part separately in my next post!!! Please see the photos of my bike below. I know it is almost like part by part description....who cares..... I am just crazy about it now !!!

P.S. Please click of the individual images to see the enlarged view.....