Friday, January 28, 2011

Udupi Park Family Restaurant Review, Old Airport Road, Bangalore

Udupi Park, is one of the best hang out (for those residing in Murugeshpalya and surrounding areas) to handle any food related situation at home….be it a unexpected guest or unable to cook at home or just for a casual change…..

The are 100% veggies and serve South Indian (with tasty chutney and sambar – unlike most other places). They have a ‘Stand and Eat’ kind of joint in the ground floor and proper restaurant in the first floor.

I the ground floor, most of the crowd here is office goers or casual meeting etc…. you also have a chat joint just outside and tables around that place also serve as a ‘Stand and Eat’. You will not get any north indian dishes either served or parcelled in ground floor.

The first floor is completely for families, friends, and big office crowd who prefer to sit and eat. The ambience here is pretty decent. The cashier & waiters here are very friendly and courteous to all. The food is really very good (most of the times)…. There is only one chef, who loves adding 5-6 long red chillies even for a shahi panner … The good thing is he is not the regular one….. So please iterate and reiterate, incase you need any dish to be less spicier (just to be on the safe side).

They serve, South Indian, North Indian and Chinese. The menu is vast and you have many options to choose from. My all time favorites here are Palak Paneer, Paneer Tikka Masala & Alu Fry.

You also get take away here. I am not sure if they take orders over phone (& deliver). I will check that and update. If it is just south indian and you don’t mind a bit of pushing around before getting the parcel, try ground floor. If you need north indian or chinese or want to wait peacefully for a parcel, please proceed to first floor and give your order. They have beautiful plus sofas (recently renovated) for your to wait.

Parking is normally not a issue, if it is a bike. I have not tried car though….

Office Lunch times & week end dinner times are mostly busy, but the wait will not be too much and is managed pretty decently. For reservations reach +91 80 25918138 or +91 98440 14785

Try it out and include your comments below.