Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ordered My New Gadget - Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 - It was love at first sight..... It literally swept me off my feet... I have not seen anything this beautiful recently!!! (I mean in gadgets :-P )

I have been researching on the SGS2 for quite sometime now (whenever time permitted)... I was too skeptical about investing a 30k on a phone.. but the phone itself was awesome.... so, my control was waning off day by day....

Then I came across this thread in Tech enclave blog about the cheapest offer available for SGS2 online. The offer was unbelievable and too good to be true!!!!

Samsung Galaxy S2 for an unbelievable price!!!

The price last week at sulekha was Rs. 24,999 - when the nest closest price was 28,500 in flipkart. Everyone else were selling it @ 30k and more (obviously with few useless gifts to cover up), but, none anywhere close to Sulekha.

Now, I was too confused, as I was not sure, if Sulekha was that a trust-worthy site. Even though a few fellow members of Tech enclave gave me confidence, I couldn't make up my mind. One other reason for my inhibition was because, I came to know that, the phones were 'made in china'. So, I started enquiring all my friends, relatives who has already bought a SGS2 and also visited all the mobile retail shops around my house and found that, almost 99% of them were infact made in china and the rest 1% was "made in korea and finished in china". So that clarified my doubt.

Also, in all the research I did, I couldn't see any negative feedback or review on sulekha's delivery of ordered items (though, there are umpteen not-so-good reviews on their customer service team). And suddenly, 2 days ago, sulekha hiked the price by Rs. 600 - to Rs. 25,599. Though it was still the least, reality stuck me!!!! It is very soon that, they either stop this offer or the stock is going to get over.

So, finally after too much thinking, deliberation and wait, I finally ordered the 2nd costliest gadget I have till date - a Samsung Galaxy S2 today @ 6:08 PM. My brother also booked one in sulekha from Chennai around the same time.

So, now we have our fingers crossed to receive our beauties early next week.

I earnestly hope, that we receive the same without any tension or issues.

Will keep you all posted on the updates. Once I receive it, will write a detailed blog on the opening ceremony.

Kind note to everyone: It is indeed a unbelievable deal in Sulekha. But, as it is not a small amount (atleast for me), please don't go by my decision of buying it. Trust your guts and take the consent of your family, before you order.
I shall take no responsibility, whatsoever, to the outcome of your decision.

Love you all !!!!