Thursday, November 17, 2011

Unboxing and First Look of (my) Samsung Galaxy SII

After a 4 tensed days of waiting, finally received my Samsung Galaxy S2!!!! Its a babe....

I am posting the first set of pictures of the phone here.

First, Thanks to They kept their words on the delivery.. Saturday evening to Thursday is 4.5 days (though its too much for a Bangalore to Bangalore delivery!!!)

The phone surprisingly came packed in a cover.... The overall packing was decent and acceptable, delivered promptly by First Flight couriers.

The inner packing....

It is a Oct 2011 Model - Made in China and completed in Vietnam

 The box itself is very good!!!

Thats the baby - packed neatly......

The whole set of default accesories (an my current E71 - with a upset look :-P )

It is absolutely light weighed. The back lid is extremely thin plastic material - Not sure how good it is - but it fits perfectly on the chasis and we will rarely be removing it - so no worries!!!

Thats with the back cover on - Nice finish and comfortable to hold also....

First charge!!!!  

I have not switched it on yet!!!! Thought it will be better to leave it to get charged fully.... I will most likely doing it late in the evening today.

I will separately write in details about the first feel of using the handset and a much detailed review later today!!!!

Till next time ......