Saturday, October 30, 2010

Around Bangalore - Part 2 - Melkote Yoga Narashimar Temple

Yoga Narashima Temple:

The hill starts a little away from thirunarayana temple and has around 400 steep steps (completely filled with beggers on either sides). So, in case you are taking elders, please ensure that you hold them when climbing up the stairs, as most of the time the grill on the sides will be unusable because of some occupant.

A View of Narashimhar Temple from the Kalyani Pond ( This photo was taken from internet )

The temple is very old is one of the 4 important narashimha sketrams. A the name suggests, narashimhar here is in a yoga mudra posture. Legend has it, that, after the killing of his father, Hiranyakasibu, Prahladha came here and did penance in a cave in this hill for many years and the lord, graced his prayers by self manifesting himself on a salgramam rock right above where Prahlada was penancing.

The cave is called Bilaswarga and was open for public till Jan 08, when temple jewellery worth some 1.5 crores were looted. Now it is completely blocked for public access. It is said the tiger skin on which Prahladha sat and did penance is also still kept safe.

The Temple has been built in Hoysala style in later years.

The sides of the temple has magnificient panaromic view of the surrounding places. The gopuram has a lot of beautiful sculptures.

Main Gopuram

Gopuram above the inner entrance

The Gopuram above the main deity

There are beautiful images on the mail dopuram doors and ceilings also.

Om Namo Narayana Namah