Saturday, October 30, 2010

Around Bangalore - Part 3 - Thonnur Kere

Thonnur or Thondanur is a very picturesque village near Melkote in Mandhya District. It became extremely famous and played an important role in Karnataka's history after Ramanujar moved here, when he fled Srirangam to escape the torments of Kulothunga Cholan in the 12th Century AD.

There is a beautiful lake here that is constructed by embanking the gorge between the adjacent hillocks. Ramanujar is said to have conceived the design of the lake and created the lake. He is said to have called it 'Thirimala Sagara' (ocean of the sacred hill)

Tipu Sultan named it as 'Moti Talab', as he was able to see the pebbles at the base of the lake clearly from the top.


This lake is very significant for vaishnavities as Ramanuja had taken bath here and they prefer doing the same before visiting the temples around.
Caution: The lake is not very safe. Make sure someone familiar with the lake is around or pay the watchman there a little and take some tips for safety, unleass you are an expert swimmer yourself.

Otherwise it is a calm place to spend for your lunch time with family... No commotions, no crowd, no unnecessary commercial outlets.

General warning: ( If you are from around this place and feel I am wrong, please feel free to correct me and I will update the same accordingly)
There is a very nice way of taking money from you. you will find a few small boys (coming one after the other) they will just hang around you.... give you one or two info about the place and smile at you when ever you see them..... finally will tell you that they need to buy books / notebooks for school and ask you for money.

Now..... that is very very sensitive for anybody, who is even marginally kind and when elders are with will have no option at all...... (I could help but give him some money).... It could be a complete scam..... just wanted to warn you all.

Below are a few pictures I had taken there...

Sunset View @ T.Kere (This one alone was not taken by me. Thanks to the original owner.)